About our purchase department

To be able to offer our clients the quality products and services we do, we rely on steady producers, suppliers & partners that provide us. We work together with cultivators, producers, trading companies from all over the world. Long term business relationships work best for us.

All new products are tested by our test group, before taken into our assortment.  We are only interested in effective products. Customer satisfaction is essential for us.

If you feel that you have something special to offer to our assortment and you would like your product to be marketed through our distribution network, then it would be good to get into contact and explore the possibilities. Although other products will be taken into consideration, we aim at adding exclusive products or products under private label to our assortment.

We are especially interested in supporting cultivation projects in South America or 3rd World countries.

The main activities of our purchase department are:

  • Research & development
  • Product design
  • Acquiring goods and services
  • Composing products
  • Stock control
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