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We supply a vast assortment of products. In small and bulk quantities.

Libido Forte, aphrodisiac, sexual stimulant and libido enhancer for men, longer lasting erectionsAll 8 varieties of the NXT Phase party pills; NXT Phase Blue (stimulant), NXT Phase Brown (euphoric mood elevator), NXT Phase Green (Psychedelic), NXT Phase Lime (stimulant), NXT Phase Orange (euphoric stimulant), NXT Phase Purple (euphoric stimulant), NXT Phase Red (stimulant & aphrodisiac) and NXT Phase Yellow (stimulant). Shisha / Hookah

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Our product range does not only include our own products, but also the quality products of other distributors and producers. We do the best we can to keep our product line as complete as possible, containing only good strong quality products. All the products we offer have been selected on basis of their quality, customer feedback, test results from our own, extensive, test team, and sales results in our own shops as well as those of our customers. Maximum effect means maximum return sales and therefore, all products are tested before they are added to our assortment. We have been developing our own product line and keep on working on new mind-expanding formulas. Our products are promoted with large advertisements in many magazines.

Not all of the products may be legal in your country. We do not ship products that are illegal in the country of destination.
All our products are legal in The Netherlands


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